About Us

KMD Game Studio was established by a team of professionals around the end of 2014. KMD Game Studio mainly focuses on mobile game development formed by talented developers. Our team consists of software engineers and visual artists who have expertise in game development and achieved great success in building successful games in the past. Also we get contact with App Store Editorial Team.

Our mission is to generate creative ideas and turn them into successful games reaching all kinds of players. KMD Game Studio was established mainly for the development of games on the mobile platform. We believe in simplicity and user experience. As a team we are developing games that we can also have fun. We hope that our company will grow further and become a major player in the gaming industry with support of you, game enthusiasts.

As KMD Game Studio, we are proud to announce our games Bricks Blocks, Candy Escape and Bounce Heroes! You can play on iOS, Android and Facebook these games!