Bounce Heroes available on the App Store and also featured!

All fun hiding in just one tap! Are you ready for a new phenomenon? Our last game Bounce Heroes is here! In the App Store Feature!!!
We working so much for this game and App Store Editorial Team appreciate that! Now you can see our game in the App Store Feature!

Our game is an addictive survival game with shocking, bloody visuals, amusing graphics and familiar characters! You must survive as you can!

Game play is very simple: tap the screen to bounce your character and avoid the traps on the sides!
If your character hit any of the traps than it will lose a body part!! And it will be really bloody, we guarantee that! Survive as long as you can and prove your talents to your friends.

Also you have got a 70 missions needs to be done!
In other hand you can get a place on the global and country leaderboard. Challenge with your friends, show your country flag on the global leaderboard!

You will get addict this game!

We re proud to introduce our 3. game Bounce Heroes is available in the feature on App Store!

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